EFQM Assessor’s Club Meet – Go International!

EFQM Assessor’s Club Meet - Go International!
Venue : Villa Rotana,
Sheikh Zayed Rd,
Date : 30/11/2014
Time : 5:45 pm - 7:00 pm
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So, you have proved to be the best locally… What’s the next step from here? Why not see how you score internationally?

The EFQM Exellence Award is the next step as the award now accepts entries internationally!

Not sure if you can apply? This seminar focuses on answering all your concerns regarding applying for the EFQM Excellence Award.

Let us support you in your journey towards Excellence!


  • Find out how good you are – By entering in the Award process, your organisation is measured against Europe’s most widely used management framework : the EFQM Excellence Model.
  • Discover your potential – A team of independent assessors will provide you with a comprehensive feedback report on your strengths and areas for improvements.
  • Motivate your people – The thrill of success can inspire even greater success, motivating and energising your employees at all levels in a positive and constructive atmosphere.
  • Enhance your reputation – By entering the EFQM Excellence Award, you are showcasing your greatest achievements, thus building and reinforcing a good opinion of you and your work within the wider community.
  • Announce your success – Your award is presented at a prestigious annual ceremony, during the EFQM Forum. Your efforts are exposed across the breadth of an entire contient, and in a wide variety of marketplaces.
  • Become part of a network of leading European organisations – Being part of the EFQM Excellence Awards gives you the opportunity to gather with other leaders and achievers from different fields and sectors. Together you can network, discuss and share new ideas, and most importantly celebrate another’s.


Geoff Carter is a Management Consultant, Trainer and Executive Coach. He runs his own consulting firm in UK besides spending one third of his time as a key member of EFQM’s, Brussels based, training faculty and was member of team of 12 responsible for revising the excellence model.


To register, send an email to: Salman Viralipurath | Email: salman@dqg.org | Tel: + 971 4 3431950

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