Free Evening Seminar on ‘Uplifting Service’ with Ron Kaufman

Free Evening Seminar on 'Uplifting Service' with Ron Kaufman
Venue : Ritz Calton,
Date : 11/03/2013
Time : 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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Service connects us all. Every time we go to the store, ride the bus, call the doctor, or even attend religious services we experience service. But at work we delegate service to a single department that is guided by anecdotal wisdom and clichés like “the customer is always right.” We promise our customers satisfaction and then allow internal politics and inefficient methods to frustrate employees’ ability to deliver.

If service is everywhere, why aren’t we doing it better?

Ron Kaufman, Author of New York Times Bestseller – “UPLIFTING SERVICE – The Proven Path to Delighting Your Customers, Colleagues, and Everyone Else”, believes we can do it better, and knows exactly how. After more than 25 years of helping leaders transform their service cultures, Kaufman has discovered that while each successful organization is different, the architecture they apply to build an uplifting service culture is the same.

In this book, Kaufman reveals the 5 key elements of uplifting service-the architecture for a self-sustaining service culture and a prescription that works. He lays out the steps you can take to build a sustainable culture that delivers it every day, and offers tools and practices that have been proven effective in business, government, communities, and homes on every continent and in many languages.

Finally in one comprehensive volume, Uplifting Service reveals Kaufman’s proprietary architecture for building an uplifting service culture. For leaders at all levels, it is a blueprint for making service a part of everything you are and everything you do.


Ron Kaufman is a global consultant, speaker and educator who specializes in building service cultures in the world’s largest and most respected organizations, including Singapore Airlines, Nokia Siemens Networks, Citibank, Microsoft, and Xerox. Ron is a regular contributor to Bloomberg Businessweek and has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and LIFE magazine.
He is the founder of UP! Your Service and lives and works in the United States and Singapore.


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