Free Evening Seminar on ‘Xerox QwikSolver™’

Free Evening Seminar on 'Xerox QwikSolver™'
Venue : Emarat Atrium (Seminar Room),
Sheikh Zayed Rd,
Date : 20/05/2013
Time : 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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What is QwikSolver™?

QwikSolver™, another Xerox innovation, is a simple, five-step method developed by Xerox and derived from proven Lean Six Sigma methods.
It’s designed for use across your entire organization to help improve problem solving quality and speed. The goal is to help everyone understand and use the basic thought processes behind Lean Six Sigma—and know when and how to apply it to everyday decision-making and problem-solving situations.

The methodology was developed in February 2010 and officially launched in 2011 for all Xerox employees worldwide in order for employees to apply QwikSolver to their everyday challenges at work.

To help accelerate the pace of change, Xerox recognized that Lean Six Sigma would have to be more agile, more capable of driving transformation across all of our company’s functions and geographies, and to be more relevant to every employee as they engage in their daily work. Xerox calls this next phase in its’ quality journey, Lean Six Sigma 2.0.


Xerox globally is committed to deliver quality and excellence in all it does. At Xerox, Lean Six Sigma is the way we work. The origin of Xerox Lean Six Sigma can be traced back to Xerox’s initial “Leadership Through Quality” initiative in the early 80’s. Lean Six Sigma improves our work processes, creates growth opportunities while increasing productivity


Seza Vaziri is currently serving as a member of DQG’s Board of Directors for the period 2013-2015. She joined Xerox Emirates (XEM) in March of 2008 as a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Sales Consultant. Within the first year of working with XEM, she achieved her Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification and found out that she has a passion for Business Excellence and Operations Quality. In January of 2009 Seza was promoted to Lean Six Sigma Deployment Manager for UAE Operations and same time she became in charge of other Compliance and Quality initiatives within the company.
Seza also completed her LSS Black Belt training in May 2010 in London, UK and her Black Belt certification in Sep 2011. Now, Seza, as the Lean Six Sigma Deployment Manager and a full time Black Belt, focuses on projects across the organization to improve operations efficiency by reducing waste and improving quality by utilizing internal Xerox resources and change champions.

When Xerox launched QwikSolver™ tool in 2011, Seza was appointed as the QwikSolver™ Deployment Manager for UAE and completed training of UAE target population of 220 within nine months.

Seza has her BSc in Computer Software Engineering and prior to joining Xerox Emirates, She worked for a Xerox Distributor for 5 years where she had some key responsibilities in several operational functions, such as Information Systems and Technology Management


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