Leading with NeuroIntelligence

Leading with NeuroIntelligence
Venue : Grand Hyatt Dubai,
Sheikh Rashid Rd,
Date : 27/11/2013
Time : 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
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Boost your team’s performance and agility for success!

NeuroPower gives you processes to work smarter using the break through in Neuroscience during this demanding business environment.

We know that teams and the people in them are responsible for the majority of highs and lows in the life of a manager and will often, ultimately determine whether you peak or plummet as a leader. What we didn’t know till these break through’s is how to understand the teams collective, Individual and self brain function to focus on ‘peaking’ rather than the ‘plummeting.

Teams are complex and require constant attention, however, we all know that in an ever-evolving fast paced environment there isn’t much time to ‘stop and smell the roses. Neuro Power assists with dealing with these complexities in a quick and powerful way by using these Scientifics techniques in the corporate world.

We invite you to join us and tap into this breakthrough system for Leading with Neuro Intelligence.

This intensive program has been honed to deliver the knowledge, tools and insights through refocusing and reinventing for success. By harnessing the intelligence of social, cognitive and behavioural neuroscience, the program delivers:

  • The capability to build an environment that leverages from the six drivers of high-performance teams (the Six Social Intelligences)
  • A practical understanding for leaders of how, when and in which order should they use Transactional Leadership and Transformational leadership

The program delivers clear benefits by:

  • Integrating the latest technology of ‘neuro intelligence’
  • Leveraging insights from neuroscience in day-to-day business
  • Using the same model to transition between the two required leadership approaches in an organisation; and

6 Social Intelligences: Leadership Foundations: Diagnostic Tools and Action
This module looks at the Six Fundamental Drivers of Team and Individual Performance that effective leaders must develop in order to build cohesive, agile, goal-oriented, supportive, informed and optimistic teams and individuals.
This will enable you as a Leader to:

  • Identify why teams aren’t functioning effectively;
  • Execute processes to increase trust, creativity, passion, connection, knowledge and hope within teams; and
  • Increase the ability of your team to achieve its goals.

Following the 6 intelligences the program provides the delegates with a 6 step methodology called RELISH. These steps help the team progressively:

  • Build Team Loyalty through clear expectations, purpose and Values
  • Encourage spontaneity, flexibility and innovation through freedom of expression and conflict management
  • Build enthusiastic discretionary effort through effective Motivations techniques based on the neuro scientific research and team goals
  • Encourage the team to leverage strengths and show empathy and inclusion
    nsure team members have what they need to get the job done and make decisions in a way that counters cognitive bias
  • Create an environment of hope and optimism by articulating a positive future state.


  • DQG Members: AED 1250
  • Non-Members: AED 1750


For registration / further information, please contact Mr. Salman Viralipurath on +971-4-3431950 / salman.viralipurath@dqg.org

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