Managing Difficult People

Managing Difficult People
Venue : Villa Rotana,
Sheikh Zayed Rd,
Date : 01/10/2013 - 02/10/2013
Time : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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The objective of this workshop revolves around positively motivating team members to effectively deal with real life situations with regard to Conflict Management, Effective Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Best Team Practices, Emotional Intelligence, Listening Skills etc. at their work places.

This workshop has been developed to help participants gain confidence in their ability to confront issues and reach positive solutions. Participants will learn proven techniques and strategies that reinforce teamwork, improve communication, and reduce stress and they will learn how to deal with difficult people in difficult situations.

It is anticipated that participants shall be positively motivated and be on effective influence on their teams.

It is anticipated that participants would be motivated to excel in their targets and be a positive influence over their team members. The workshop aims at improving personal growth areas, which are essential to progress professionally.

The management shall indeed witness a positive change in the participant’s attitude and behavior, apart from witnessing business growth in the following months. This is indeed a highly motivational program.



  • Role of Perception in Communication
    • Understand key behaviours and associated people traits
    • The Psychology of communiqué – Why do we behave the way we do ?
    • Communicating with internal customers
    • Assess your communication style – What impact do we have on others
    • Understanding the “Johari Window” in communication
  • Communication Differences in Cultures
    • Patterns of Communication in a cross-cultural environment
    • High & Low context cultures
    • Communication failures between people from different cultures
  • Body Language/Non verbal Communication
    • Positive & negative connotations of body language
    • Body language signals of Passive Aggressive & Assertive Personalities
  • Listening Skills
    • How to improve listening
    • What is Reflective Listening helps resolve conflict?


  • How to recognize 7 most difficult personality types and how to deal with each
  • Which category of Difficult people do we fall into – Self Assessment.
  • How to use a fail safe strategy for keeping a disagreement from escalating into an argument
  • How to say no “no” without feeling guilty or causing resentment. The ritual of negotiating – six basic steps
  • Learn the 9 steps of assertive communication that will put power and confidence in your work
  • Learn positive techniques for delivering constructive feedback to co-workers, employees, even the boss
  • The Sandwich Approach


  • Learn the difference between difficult situations and difficult people.
  • How to assess conflict and identify win-win resolutions.
  • How to develop rapport with others.
  • Learn assertive communication skills.
  • Enhance your individual and team problem solving techniques.
  • How to build trust and demonstrate understanding.
  • How to evaluate solutions based on specific criteria
  • Cope effectively with difficult people and personality conflicts
  • Prevent the development of problematic relationships
  • Deflect the hostility of others
  • Identify categories of difficult people and how to deal with them
  • Maintain composure and professional language in “hot” situation


  • Motivating Self & Others
  • Internal vs external motivation
  • Laws of Motivation
  • Motivated vs non-motivated performance
  • How to motivate your team members?
  • Removing the de-motivators


Two days


DQG Members: AED 2000
Non-Members: AED 2750


For registration / further information, please contact Mr. Salman Viralipurath on +971-4-3431950 /

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