Nov 29 2012

4th Continual Improvement and Innovation Symposium ends on positive note

The Continual Improvement Subgroup (CIS) of the Dubai Quality Group (DQG) concluded its 4th Annual Continual Improvement and Innovation Symposium on Wednesday, November 28, 2012, the day which marks World Quality Day. The event was organised in collaboration with the American Society for Quality – Global (ASQ) and with the support of the Department of Economic Development in Dubai. Under the banner ‘Continual Improvement — Small Improvements to Innovation’, the unique annual symposium was held on an important day of every year, the 28th of November, observed as World Quality Day. The symposium aims at facilitating sharing, recognising and learning from best practices and practical and actual models, within strategies, tools and techniques of innovation and improvement applied both internally and externally by organisations from various sectors.

The proceedings of the symposium were rich with a series of events and sessions, and started with an opening speech by DQG Chairman, Saleh Janeeh, followed by another speech by CIS Chairman, Hassan Omar. Presentations on Kaizen Projects, Breakthrough Process Improvement case studies, presentations on Innovation Case Study, Live Quality Quiz Competition and presentations on Best Practices in I&I Case Study also took place.

Saleh Janeeh, Chairman, DQG delivered the opening speech and welcomed everyone to the event and said, “This symposium coincides with the celebration of World Quality Day to support with its bright ideas, themes, initiatives and achievements, the ambitious visions of the creator of achievements, and patron of excellence and innovation, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.” Janeeh added, “The fourth cycle of the Continual Improvement & Innovation Symposium is back to us while we desperately need further excellence, quality and improvement that keep us on the right track in order to access excellence and innovation. We share today other experiences and additional momentum in best practices, and we debate best visions and orientations. Therefore, we must all remain faithful to improvement and innovation, as we gain these successive opportunities that embody as a whole, our fuel towards the better, forever and ever”.

Hassan Omar, Chairman, CIS said, “DQG is more worthy than others to celebrate the World Quality Day. We took responsibility to create excellence and quality, and a world of continual improvement and innovation, and we are the distinctive mark in a world based on creativity, innovation, excellence and achievement.” He said, “The symposium comes back to add to the world of excellence and quality of the UAE society, other bright opportunities, and to grant seekers of qualitative and unique ambitions, hope of achieving what is much better.” He highlighted the importance of attending such events and occasions because they have significant short- and long-term impact.

The symposium sought to provide a unique opportunity for teams and organisations from all over the world to participate in Live Competition and showcase their successes in the following five categories: (1)Kaizen — using methodologies such as 5S, visual management, improvements by quality circles using 7 QC tools, (2) Breakthrough Process Improvement — using methodologies like Six Sigma, Lean and Business Process Reengineering, (3) Innovation — innovation in products, processes, and business models using creativity and systematic innovation methodologies (TRIZ, creativity techniques) and (4) Best Practice in Management of Innovation and Improvement — organisation wide approach for driving improvement and innovation with engagement of people and partners, and followed by the Quality Quiz Competition – covering body of knowledge related to Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, Lean, Kaizen, Innovation, Business Excellence and Management System Standards.

The symposium is a great opportunity to receive international recognition for the best case studies that will inspire and motivate teams to make further improvements. In addition to that, the symposium is and will always be a platform for knowledge sharing, which will greatly enhance the value of the brand of the winners, as well as of the participating organisations. The symposium included keynote speeches delivered by international experts about methodologies and practices of continual improvement and innovation, as well as workshops, a Live Quality Quiz Competition, a Case Studies’ Competition by teams participating with their success stories and achievements.

Furthermore, the symposium provided an opportunity to learn more about the latest developments in the philosophies and methodologies of improvement and innovation shared by eminent guest speakers coming from around the world having experience and knowledge across various industries. Participants had also a chance to witness the best real-life case studies of improvement and innovation in organisations in the UAE and abroad. The symposium explained as well, how to galvanise people into action and jumpstart a culture of improvement in organisations.

In Kaizen category, DUBAL won the Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies. In Breakthrough Process Improvement category, DUBAL also won the Gold trophy, while Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment won the Silver trophy, and the Bronze Trophy was won by DEWA. The Gold trophy in Innovation category went to Dubai Police, the Silver was won by Toast Masters International and DUBAL won the Bronze in the same category. EMAL clinched the Gold and Bronze trophies for the Quality Quiz competition and the Silver was won by SRF Overseas Ltd. In Best Practice for I&I Management category, the Gold Trophy was won by DEWA and RTA won the Silver trophy.