Nov 13 2013

ASQ & 5th Continual Improvement & Innovation Symposium 2013″ start today

Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Muaini (Vice Chairman, DQG) speaks at the symposium

Organized by the Dubai Quality Group and in association with American Society for Quality (ASQ), the fifth Quality and Business Excellence Conference 2013 and Continual Improvement & Innovation Symposium started today. The two events synchronize with the commemoration of the World Quality Day and are aimed at developing a common insight on Excellence and innovation on the local, regional and international levels.

Dr Abdul Rahman Al Muaini, DQG Vice Chairman and John Fowler, the CEO of the American Society of Quality opened the conference with a wide participation of key speakers and experts in quality and business improvement. The first day included a number of lectures and discussion panels that highlighted the best practices that foster an environment of innovation, research and development. The participants also emphasized on the importance of adopting best quality standards in order to achieve prosperity and develop a sustainable economic growth.

Dr. Yousef Al Akraf, Chairman of DQG , said:” This event reflects the commitment of the Dubai Government to provide successful models and exchange ideas and expertise that boost Dubai’s leading position in satisfying the needs of its citizens and residents and achieving the highest customer satisfaction levels through applying best international quality and business excellence standards.”

The first day saw the participation of a number of key speakers from key quality experts and influencers including Jamais Cascio from Institute for the Future USA who was selected among top 100 global thinkers by Foreign Policy magazine, and Tracy Owens, a pioneer in business development and performance improvement for achieving short and long term goals. Speakers also included Rajdeepak Chatterjee, who currently heads the Business Excellence sector in the Agricultural Mechanization Department at AMahindra & Mahindra Ltd and Lou Johnson from Minitab Incorporated USA.

Commenting on the conference, Badriya Al Tamimi, Managing Director of DQG said: “The participation of the speakers at this event provides an additional value to the UAE’s experience and particularly Dubai’s in quality and business improvement as it promotes a culture of innovation that forms a knowledge hub to enhance ways of business excellence and support the application of best quality standards. This was clearly reflected in the recent global reports that confirmed the strength of competitiveness and economic diversification achieved by Dubai.”

The Continual Improvement & Innovation Symposium will be held tomorrow and it will include a number of lectures and theses that will highlight the importance of the applying quality standards in economic development, boosting competitiveness and providing an appropriate business environment that promotes creativity and innovative solutions. The symposium will also include award distribution ceremony for the winners of the four main categories: Kaizen, Innovation, Breakthrough Process Improvement and Best Practice for Managing Improvement and Innovation.

The Continual Improvement and Innovation Symposium acts as a platform for acquiring knowledge about the latest developments in innovation and improvement philosophies and methodologies by prominent speakers coming from all around the world to share experiences and knowledge from various industries. The event also provides an opportunity to review best case studies on improvement and innovation from real life at a number of local and global institutions. It also aims to stimulate employees to work better and promotes the improvement culture in organizations.

It is worth mentioning that the United Arab Emirates has jumped by 12 ranks in global competitiveness to land at the 16th most competitive globally. Moreover, the UAE was ranked 5th globally for ease of trading across borders according to the World Bank Doing Business Report 2012.