Jul 06 2012

DQG elects Chairs for its Subgroups

Dubai Quality Group (DQG) organized the election of the Executive Committee of seven of its twelve subgroups in order to elect chairs for each subgroup.

Subgroups, elections of which were held, included Professional Women Subgroup, Health.Safety.Environment Subgroup, HR Subgroup, Ideas.Arabia Subgroup, Quality in Education Subgroup, Quality in Health Subgroup and Customer Care Subgroup. Following the election process, the newly-elected Chairs will elect the member of Subgroups.

The election process took place in a unique way, as all Subgroups were colour-coded and elections were conducted only for the position of Subgroup Chairs.

All nominees were invited to deliver a two-minute introductory speech and brief about themselves, their roles and their vision for their respective Subgroup. Later, only respective Subgroup nominees were given a chance to vote for their preferred candidate. Members of DQG’s Board of Directors also cast their votes for the Subgroup Executive Committee nominations.

After counting of votes, names of winners were announced. Successful candidates included: Badria Al-Shamsi, Chair of Professional Women Subgroup; Zayed Abdulla, Chair of Health.Safety.Environment Subgroup; Dr. Heena Sunil Bulchandani, Chair of HR Subgroup; Feryal Tawakul, Chair of Ideas.Arabia Subgroup; Hussain Abdullah Al-Fardan, Chair of Quality in Education Subgroup; Dr. Azzam Mahmood Al-Wathaifi, Chair of Quality in Health Subgroup; and Jassim Farid Ahmed, Chair of Customer Care Subgroup.

Held at Emarat Atrium in Dubai, the event was attended by more than 50 members of Dubai Quality Group. The Vice-Chairman of DQG Dr. Yousef Al-Akraf was also present on the occasion. He delivered a welcome address and congratulated all the winners.

Dr. Al-Akraf said: "DQG subgroups are formed by members who have common interest in particular subject or knowledge area, and are willing to voluntarily commit to promote and share Quality and Business Excellence in their area of expertise."

He added, "Subgroups are promoted by DQG to facilitate focused learning and knowledge sharing in various fields and are vital to DQG’s growth and its drive towards Quality & Business Excellence."

The DQG Vice-Chairman said, "The interest in this simple event showed by the members of DQG and its Subgroups is the best evidence DQG maintains the transparency of finding titles of excellence, quality, creativity and innovation.

He said, "We will make sure to be one family and integrated team to deliver a lofty message that excellence does not come by chance, but it is a result of joint efforts."