Apr 06 2012

DQG delegation meets EPPCO officials

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – April 00, 2012: 
A delegation from Dubai Quality Group (DQG) met officials from the Emirates Petroleum Products Company (EPPCO), the marketing and retailing arm of Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC), an investor partner with DQG, during a visit by officials of the group to thank the EPPCO officials for renewing the investment partnership with DQG.

The visiting delegation was received by Mr. Burhan Al-Hashemi, Managing Director of Retail at EPPCO, Mr. Lance Aird, Director of Retail Operations and Marketing, Mr. Amitava Giri, Manager of Quality Assurance and Business Process Integration, Mr. Taleb Al Saleh, Manager at Tasjeel and Mrs. Sawsan Obaid, Senior Quality and Process Improvement Officer. The DQG delegation included Mr. Saleh Janeeh, Chairman, Mr. Sunil Bahri, Director of Finance and Mr. Salman Viralipurath, Deputy Managing Director.

EPPCO is an investor partner with DQG and an active element in advancing a working relationship with the group. Both parties are committed to a positive partnership in events and initiatives that guide the business aspirations of the parties.

Mr. Saleh Janeeh, Chairman of DQG, said that the renewal of the partnership and investment contract between the Dubai Quality Group and the Emirates Petroleum Products Company was very important, since it would strengthen and expand the areas of cooperation and exchange of knowledge and expertise between the two parties. The group is interested in expanding and consolidating its investment partnership with various organizations and companies based on its firm approach to develop the message of excellence and innovation in business practices.

Mr. Janeeh expressed satisfaction with the visit in terms of partnership between both parties. He praised the keenness of EPPCO to improve its professional standing and its passion to draw on unique expertise and experience to fulfil stated objectives. This gives the group additional influence to be supplied with ideas, experiences and practices at many levels, Janeeh said.

Mr. Burhan Al-Hashemi, Managing Director of Retail at EPPCO, thanked the Dubai Quality Group for their ongoing visits, continuous communication and their deep interest to keep all doors open for the interest and benefit of partners and investors. He hoped the partnership between both parties would continue to work at its fullest capacity. More opportunities for success and excellence would be opened in future, he said.

Al-Hashemi confirmed that EPPCO was devoted to promoting the principle of benefit and exchange of experiences and expertise between the two parties. This would work in the near future for more enriching experiences that have proved successful and won distinction in the journey of partnership and investment between the parties, he said. He also wished DQG more success and excellence in performance of its mission and objectives, noting that it sought quality and excellence in business with its partners in all endeavours.