Affiliate Member

Affiliate Partnership with DQG applies to organizations with 25 employees or less.

Partnership with DQG is a clear demonstration of an organization’s commitment to quality improvement and business excellence.

Affiliate Benefits:

Quality Advisory Service

Through its quality network, DQG acts as a facilitator to enable partners to access information, resources and expertise from both local and international bodies.

Conferences & Special Events

Special discounted members’ rates apply at DQG’s conferences, which feature remarkable speakers and management gurus, providing them with an excellent knowledge-sharing and networking opportunity.

Workshops & Seminars

Special discounted members’ rates apply at DQG’s regular workshops and seminars, which provide attendees with the knowledge, the tools and the techniques to implement new and effective management theories within their own organizations.

Free Evening Seminars

A minimum of 12 free evening seminars focusing on timely relevant topics are conducted exclusively for DQG’s partners. Partners may freely nominate employees from their organizations for attendance to these seminars. Further to providing partner organizations with a forum for communication, discussion and generation of ideas, these events serve them with unique networking opportunity.

Benchmarking Programs

Through its associations with local and international bodies, DQG conducts benchmarking programs against various criteria based upon the requirements of its partner organizations.


Various Subgroups formed under DQG serve its like-minded partners with a platform to exchange knowledge, thoughts, ideas and other topics of significance.

The subgroups help to propagate new knowledge throughout the business community and provide a unique environment for professionals from public and private entities to discuss issues and influence change. Living the meaning of its motto ‘think locally, act globally’, many ideas and thoughts exchanged during subgroup meetings have matured into big conferences and events.

Partners are entitled to

  • Participate in elections to positions in the Executive Committee of Subgroups
  • Apply for free membership with Subgroups of interest
  • Freely attend activities (seminars, panel discussions, competitions etc.) of Subgroups


  • Business Quality Review Magazine

    The Business Quality Review Magazine of the BQR Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine which features articles relevant and beneficial to business community. The magazine is distributed for free to DQG’s partners.
  • Members’ Directory

    Affiliate Partners are entitled to a free 250-word profile of their organization in DQG’s Members’ Directory. The directory, which is published annually, features complete profiles of DQG’s partners. In addition to being distributed to major public and private organizations in the UAE, it is distributed freely to DQG’s partners. The directory is widely used as a guide to Dubai’s “Quality Conscious” companies.


Partners enjoy full access to DQG’s library resources, which include books, training videos and audio cassettes. Additionally, partners can also use the library to access resources of European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) and Global Benchmarking Network (GBN), as DQG is members with them.


Affiliate Partners are entitled to have a 200-word profile about their organization on DQG’s website. They can also have a hyperlink to their website on an additional payment of AED 500 (annually).

Discount at UOWD’S MQM and Access to Library

A 10% fee-discount will be offered to registered DQG members who enroll in the MQM degree program. UOWD will also provide library access to DQG members in UOWD’s library as “Guest Users”.

Access to BPIR (2 Users)

Dubai Quality Group has partnered with Business Process Improvement Resource (BPIR) to provide its members free access to BPIR’s online resources. BPIR provides a complete resource for improvement and business excellence. It contains a wealth of information for members. For any given process there are performance measures, benchmarks, best practices, self-assessment tools, expert opinions, articles, case studies and more available to guide you through any improvement project. For more information, please visit Affiliate Partners are entitled to nominate 2 users to access the BPIR.

Nominated Members

Affiliate Partners are eligible to nominate 2 employees from their organizations. If the organization wishes to nominate more employees, an additional fee of AED 250 per nominee will apply (annually).

Nominated members enjoy special added privileges when compared to other employees from the partner organization, which can be listed as:

  • Competing in elections to positions in the DQG’s Board of Directors
  • Voting for candidates of their choice during elections to positions in DQG’s Board of Directors
Partnership Investment: AED 2,500 annually
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