Customer Care


Increase country competitiveness through services excellence.


To support organizations in managing their customer expectations though deploying best practices and tools


  • To change the culture to be customer oriented
  • To raise awareness and knowledge about Customer Relationship Management
  • To build a strong Network of customer service people from both private and government sector
  • To recognize and reward Achievers in the Service Excellence
  • To standardize service excellence for government and private sectors in order to get better added value services
  • To be the Ranking reference in terms of Customer Service


  • Gatherings (Conferences, Forums, Seminars, Workshops)
  • Building Network of Experts
  • Setting Best Practices
  • Developing Customer Service Standard
  • Developing Approaches
  • Building Databanks
  • Conducting Research, Studies and Benchmarking
  • Public & Media focusing more in international partnership
  • Rewarding for Customer Service
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Set standards for Customer Care Centers

Executive Committee

  • Chair: Jassim Ahmed (DEWA)
  • Vice Chair: Shahid Osmani (Dubai Customs)
  • Secretary General: Huda Al Rais
  • PR & Promotion: Froogh Hassan Ahmadi
  • Membership Services: Sabri Chouaib (Hilton Hotels)
  • Event Coordinator: Hanan Ishaq Mohammad Nasser (DEWA)

Join the Subgroup

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Email: / Tel: +971-4-3431950

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