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Dubai Quality Group (DQG) is committed to

  • Provide its stakeholders and interested parties a highest level of work ethics and quality
  • Promote quality through the provision of membership benefits and managing training courses and quality seminars, awards, conferences, publications, advisory service, networking and subgroups

Top management shall demonstrate leadership, responsibility and commitment for establishing, implementing and continually improving the effectiveness of DQG’s quality management system.

Top management is committed to:

  • Provide leadership for members to adopt, sustain and continually improve their business performance through promoting frameworks such as business excellence through partnerships, networking and knowledge sharing
  • Ensure business risks and opportunities are identified; appropriate safeguards are established and implemented to mitigate and manage risk while considering all available potential opportunities.
  • Proactively manage customer care and satisfaction thereby sustaining a reputation as a quality conscious and reliable partner
  • Continually review its performance against customers’ expectations, applicable statutory & regulatory requirements and take actions towards continual improvement
  • Provide and maintain a working environment that encourages all employees to improve and utilize their management skills
  • Ensuring appropriate resources are made available for the effective implementation of company management system
  • Continually improve the management system through objectives, periodic reviews and measurement of key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Ensure this policy along with objectives is annually reviewed for its suitability.



We at Dubai Quality Group (DQG) are committed to promoting and delivering highest level of services to our customers.

We recognize that it is important to listen to our customers and improve their experience with DQG.

DQG is committed to address customer complaint in a prompt and satisfactory manner in order to promote and achieve customer satisfaction.

Customer shall be treated in a professional manner and be provided with complete and accurate explanations regarding their complaint and resolved in an efficient, effective, fair and quick manner.

Our ‘Customer Complaint-Handling’ procedures are consistent with ISO 10002:2018 guidelines and ISO 9001:2015 requirements. In line with ISO 10002:2018 guidelines, DQG shall:

  • Seek feedback, suggestions, and complaints for improvement proactively from customers
  • Welcome feedback, suggestions, and complaints from Customers in order to improve products, services and experience
  • Provide accessible, transparent and accountable customer management processes
  • Continually review its performance against Customers’ expectations, applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and take necessary actions towards continual improvement
  • Take into account the financial, operational and organizational requirements
  • Recognize Customer feedback, suggestions, and complaints as opportunities to build knowledge and improve services
  • Provide courteous, professional, quality service

DQG is committed to continual improvement of ‘Customer-Focused Complaint-Handling” process by conducting structured reporting and monitoring, as well as by conducting ‘Customer Feedback Surveys’ to identify areas of potential improvement.


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