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Highest ranking executive from your organization, and may / may not be marked as a nominated member. Main Contact This individual (preferably a Quality Specialist) will act as the primary point of contact for communication between your organization & DQG. This contact has to be a nominated member & will have the following responsibilities: Ensure that communication from DQG reaches all concerned people in your organization.
Constantly & actively ensure that the names & contact details of nominated members under the organization are updated when changes occur in your organization.

Nominated Members

As per your of Membership, you may nominate upto employees from your organization. Although all employees from your organization are eligible to avail DQG Membership benefits & discounted rates, Nominated members enjoy the below listed additional privileges:
Competing in elections to positions in the DQG’s Board of Directors
Voting for candidates of their choice during elections to positions in DQG’s Board of Directors.

Non-nominated Members

Additional members you would like to add to DQG’s mailing list may be listed here.

Finance Contact

For communication with regards to any Finance related matters.

IT Contact

For communication with regards to any IT / Email delivery related matters.

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