Evening Seminar – Embedding Innovation in your Organisation’s DNA

Evening Seminar - Embedding Innovation in your Organisation’s DNA
Venue : Villa Rotana,
Sheikh Zayed Rd,
Date : 22/09/2014
Time : 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
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When it comes to Innovation, many management teams are risk adverse and out of their comfort zone. The imperatives are not always clear to them, the processes and behaviors needed, even less so. Corporate Innovation and individual entrepreneurship are widely accepted enablers for organisational growth, economic stability and job creation, but there is often a big gap between Innovation rhetoric and reality and there is little consensus, or research, on how best to develop innovative enabling capabilities in organisations. Many organisations still do not forecast how much Innovation they need, nor what specifically it should achieve for them and consequently do not build needed ‘survival’ capability.

This seminar will explore this dilemma and emphasise why having clarity on an Innovation Strategy is a key feature of those who successfully embed Innovation in their organisational DNA.

Good practices, collated within the Innovation Reboot sharing project will be described and a post presentation discussion, on attendees views on the good practices for and challenges of, ‘embedding innovation you your DNA’ will be facilitated.

SPEAKER: Chris Hakes

  • Editor at the Innovation Reboot™ Project
  • Chairman and CEO Leadership Agenda Limited
  • Lecturer, EFQM Training Faculty, Brussels

Chris is an entrepreneur, author and founder of several businesses, including social enterprises and not for profits. He working life has involved walking the ‘tight-rope’ between business and academia. He specialises in International cross-team collaboration and new-start university spin-offs.

He started his working life in the research labs of mega corporations (ITT, STL), rose through the ranks to hold profit-accountable regional management roles in global corporations, but subsequently escaped and has gone on to become an author, management heretic, educator and veteran/founder of several start-up businesses.

Through a long-time association with EFQM and other operators of global, national and regional business excellence award schemes throughout the world, he has had the privilege of working with and assessing the performance of some of the world’s leading organisations, the insights from which he has published in several books. His latest book, Innovation Reboot, ISBN 978-1-904861-04-1, is focused on why Innovation is an imperative for sustainable success and shares innovation enabling good practices concluded from his work at the Innovation Reboot Project.


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