Professional Secretarial & Administrative Skills

Professional Secretarial & Administrative Skills
Venue : Le Meridien,
Airport Road,
Date : 25/09/2013 - 26/09/2013
Time : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Intended for secretaries, P.A’s and office assistants who, apart from taking a refreshing break would acquire time saving techniques and be extremely motivated to return to their work places. It would act as a refresher to all the organizing skills, which were left behind during the daily fire fighting activities. Bosses will indeed witness a positive change in skills and attitude and performance of their nominees, upon return from this highly motivational program.


  • Executive secretaries
  • Executive assistants
  • Personal assistants
  • Administrative executives
  • Office managers / assistants
  • Office professionals / assistants
  • Receptionist, executive support
  • Those who want to brush up their organizing skills & acquire new time saving techniques. Even the more experienced executives will indeed benefit from this program.


  • Your individual job description (develop your own – exercise)
  • A good secretary is a good manager
  • How to have a memory better than your boss
  • How to stay a step ahead of your boss
  • Consistently anticipate your boss’s needs
  • Gain the respect of your boss and be taken seriously
  • Get what you need from others to accomplish your job and achieve your boss’s goals
  • Be seen by your boss and by others as a valuable professional resource
  • Expand your administrative management skills to enhance your upward mobility
  • Identifying several essential skills
  • Developing a trusting partnership with your boss
  • Complementing each other’s work styles
  • Anticipating and proactively supporting the boss
  • Informing the boss…influencing the boss
  • Making decisions with the boss and for the boss in absentia
  • Using power thoughtfully
  • Develop a trusting relationship with your boss
  • Partner with multiple bosses and other office professionals


  • Conquer procrastination and stress
  • Improve comprehension and focus
  • Perform better when juggling people, paper and priorities
  • Juggle multiple responsibilities
  • Coordination with other departments
  • How to keep yourself organized
  • Keeping track of Events, Projects, Appointments etc
  • Prioritizing: the S.M.A.R.T. way to set goals…the five-step time management plan
  • Using your power skills to handle the mass of information on your desk
  • Accessing your memory and recall skills
  • Staying in control: how to use stress to your advantage and handle burnout
  • Reading more effectively by increasing comprehension


  • Know with whom to communicate when making meeting planning tasks
  • Match room setup with meeting objectives
  • Select the appropriate hotel facilities and A/V equipment
  • Understand food and beverage options
  • Effectively negotiate hotel contracts
  • Know which services hotels provide


  • Techniques for screening out incoming mail & highlighting crucial areas
  • How to tackle complaints?
  • Telephone Skills
  • Creativity at work
  • Keeping a Positive Attitude
  • Dealing with Negativity & de-motivation & Conflict at the workplace
  • Having active listening skills
  • Master communication skills to add to your credibility and influence
  • Handle conflict and discourse with agility and professionalism
  • Communicate more effectively with senior executives, your colleagues and clients
  • Flex your communication style to better match your organization’s culture
  • Handle office politics and turf wars effectively and gracefully


  • How to stay more organized using computers – yet handle large volume of work
  • Some Time saving techniques useful features of Windows and MS Word
  • How to create an effective presentation for your boss using PowerPoint
  • Effective research on the Internet

The Workshop includes Thought Provoking self-assessments, short quizzes, group activities, mind openers, role-plays etc. at various levels


Educated in the area of Human Development & Behavioral Psychology, she achieved her distinction in MSc in 1986.

A behavioural psychologist with extensive senior management experience in both the public and private health sectors, helps her to combines her practical knowledge of psychology and management to develop and present programs which meet the changing needs of business.

She had the opportunity of experiencing education in a diverse culture in Singapore, where she studied innovative method of “Imparting Education Without Stress” at all levels of education. She was also involved with psychological counseling for teenagers as well as the faculties of reputable institutions. This helps her develop her interpersonal skills as well as work on her empathetical abilities. She feel pride in changing perspectives of the new generation.

The emphasis of her training is on self-assessment, thought provoking exercises and a better future direction through various visualization and training techniques. She takes keen interest in research and development of workshops, keeping in mind various organizational behavior and work habits of participants


  • DQG Members: AED 2250
  • Non-Members: AED 3000


For registration / further information, please contact Mr. Salman Viralipurath on +971-4-3431950 /

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