Feb 19 2014

DQG celebrates two decades of excellence

Dubai Quality Group organised its annual general meeting (AGM) in Dubai and celebrated the group’s second decade of activities focused on promoting standards of excellence and establishing quality practices in companies and organisations operating in both public and private sectors in Dubai.

The group annual meeting ceremony started with a welcome speech delivered by Dr Yousef Al Akraf, Chairman of Dubai Quality Group followed by a review of financial results achieved last year, and the management report which was presented by Badriya al Tamimi Managing Director, DQG.

The review was aimed at determining the progress and work achieved and developing plans and strategies that improve the mechanism of developing quality concepts thus providing first class products and services that meet the aspirations of clients at both public and private sectors.

On this occasion, Dr Yousef Al Akraf said: “Over the years, we were able to achieve several milestones and effectively contribute in establishing a modern and innovative culture of quality and excellence. This wouldn’t have been possible without a dedicated team that truly believed in the importance of quality and its strategic role in reinforcing Dubai’s presence as a leading example in applying best practices and providing the finest services.”

“Our leadership’s strategic vision which focuses on delighting clients and satisfying all their needs serves as the roadmap of our work and specifies our future plans and strategies. This vision motivates us to seek excellence and try to use the latest international experiences in the field of quality in order to acquire and share experiences with those who have long sought the quality pursuit. Thus we will be able to learn and benefit from their success stories and use their achievements as a guide to attain our objectives and aspirations,” he added.

During the ceremony, members who have completed 5 years or more with the group were honored in addition to signing a memorandum of understanding with the “Emirates Transport”, the group’s active partner known for its strenuous efforts in supporting excellence and innovation in the UAE.