Mar 18 2012

DQG & ASQ Join Hands To The Benefit Of DQG Members

Agreement to support "quality community" in UAE

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – March 18, 2012: 
The Dubai Quality Group (DQG) and the American Society of Quality Global (ASQ) have signed an agreement designed to further the cause of quality worldwide and share information to benefit the quality community.

The memorandum of understanding helps ASQ Global expand its presence in the Middle East, and pairs the DQG with the world’s leading quality community of experts and resources.

DQG and ASQ will exchange information that will be published in both English and Arabic to benefit the members of the independent organizations, according to the agreement. The groups will also seek opportunities to host joint events, including workshops, seminars, conferences and award activities.

Chairman of DQG, Mr. Saleh Janeeh, underscores that the agreement will help increase awareness of the quality movement in Dubai, besides benefiting the group’s members.

“Quality is everyone’s responsibility, and this agreement will help further develop the UAE as a centre of excellence,” Janeeh said. “Additionally, this understanding will provide our members with tools and resources that will help them improve quality in their personal and professional lives,” he added.

Mr. Sunil Thawani, Chairman of Continual Improvement Subgroup of DQG, said that "given the proliferation of goods and services in the world, the customer looks for quality. It is not the availability of products but their quality that drives customer satisfaction now. The current agreement therefore addresses a critical issue in how business is conducted."

According to Mr. John T. Fowler, Managing Director of ASQ Global, “this memorandum of understanding will provide benefits to both organizations’ members, while encouraging them to share resources that will help both groups grow in the United Arab Emirates. We’re excited about the opportunity to further reach quality professionals in the Middle East, providing them with the tools and resources they need to be successful.”