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Futuristic Subgroup

Dubai Quality Group is pleased to announce the formation of a subgroup of Futuristic. The new subgroup is open now to receive applications. we are inviting our valued members to join now to complete the formalization

Executive Committee


Ahmed Al Mahmoud, (Strategic Planning Consultant, Sharjah Government)

Vic Chairperson

Mohammad Al Falahi, (General Manager, Dubai World Center)

General Secretary

Yusra Baqi, (Head of Marketing & Happiness Department, Aafaq Finance)

Subgroup Members

  • Fatima Bu Harron, (PSD - RAK GOV)

  • Ahmed ABdirahman Othman, (Head of Leadership Development Competency  Executive Council, Government of Umm Al Qaiwin

  • Ibrahim Harara, (Advisor - Experienced Assessor & 40 Types of ISO standards, SIM Group)

The Futuristic Award will be organised by The Futuristic Subgroup (Coming Soon)



Futuristic Subgroup Committee
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