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Partnership Application Form

Partnership Category applied for
Nominated Members

All employees in your organization are eligible for DQG’s member’s benefits and discounted rates.

In order to ensure more effective communication with our partners, DQG suggests the nomination of the following persons from your organization.

Note: No. of Nominees per membership category:

  • Platinum - 10 Partner

  • Gold – 8 Partner  

  • Silver - 6 Partner

  • Bronze - 4 Partner

  • Individual – 1 Partner

* May or may not be a nominated person

** This nominated member will be the primary point of contact between DQG and your company.

* Top Contact
** 1st Contact Nominated Member
2nd Nominated Member
3rd Nominated Member
4th Nominated Member
5th Nominated Member
6th Nominated Member
7th Nominated Member
8th Nominated Member
9th Nominated Member
10th Nominated Member

Thank you applying!

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