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Dubai Quality Group & GGC Consulting signed a strategic partnership to foster quality, innovation

and excellence between Saudi Arabia and UAE

Dubai, 20 September 2022, UAE; Dubai Quality Group (DQG) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with GGC Consulting to enhance the quality, business excellence, innovation, and management consultancy services, along with exchanging the consultancy experiences in line with UAE & Saudi vision.

The MOU was signed in the presence of Mr. Ahmed Abdelkarim Al-Fahim, the vice chairman of Dubai Quality Group, and Ms. Al-Batoul Al-Hodaibi, the CEO of GGC Consulting.

Also, both sides' official delegations attend the ceremony signing from GGC Consulting attend, Mr. Khaled Alattas, and Dubai Quality Group side attends, Mr. Meshal Ali Alnaqbi, Finance Director of DQG, Ms. Rehab Lootah, Board Member of DQG, Mr. Moosa Tariq Khoory, Board Member of DQG, Mr. Adel Mohammed Yousif, Board Member of DQG, Mr. Amer Bin Ahmed, Board Member of DQG, and Ms. Samira Mohamed, Managing Director of DQG.

Mr. Ahmed Abdelkarim Al-Fahim, the vice chairman of Dubai Quality Group, said: “Partnering with GGC Consulting is one of DQG's initiatives in GCC that will add value to both parties and provide a platform to exchange expertise to enhance our vision toward quality, business excellence, and innovation in GCC and the Middle East.

DQG's partnership is particularly beneficial to the entire business community, as it provides access to various resources and information on all aspects.”

On the other side Ms. Al-Batoul Al-Hodaibi, the CEO of GGC Consulting said “Our strategic partnership with Dubai Quality Group stems from the mutual goal of raising the level of consulting quality regionally and providing innovative solutions in management infrastructure. I am confident that by sharing international best practices and innovative techniques, we will make significant contributions towards advancing the consulting business in the region”.

GGC Consultancy has been present in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region as one of the leading national consultancy firms in Management, Quality, Excellence Innovation. Built upon the strong experience equipped with the latest insights in a broad spectrum of business/ government excellence.

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